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3/29/2001 Thursday
New Evihcra Module! [11pm] - Frigidman™
Evihcra is proud to announce a new site module added to the network! That module is the Lh'owon Ar'kives. A site dedicated to everything in the Marathon universe. Got Marathon? Got something for it? The new site is for you!
3/24/2001 Saturday
Coming Soon [01pm] - Evihcra™
New site modules are still in the works, keep an eye out for some new modules to be launched soon! One in particular we are shooting for an end of the week launch (that's friday). As for that poll... uh... email in some good suggestions and we will try to do as many of the good ones as we can!
3/14/2001 Wednesday
That Poll [09am] - Echelon™
What was with those poll results? We know about 50% of our visitors are on Windows based machines... it just appears they didn't want to vote? Anyhow, a new poll will be put up in the next few days.

The Mill: Historic Myth Series Archive
Once its own web site, the Mill was a wonderful success. Being the groundwork and experience behind the evichra network, the Mill is now part of the network, no longer being left out in the cold.
The Sims! Interactive Archivesite
Interactive Archive dedicated to housing all the things for your houses! People, items, furniture, you name it.
Lh'owon Ar'kives
The game that will never die. A site that covers them all. A wonderful combination! For those not familiar with the term, this site is for all Marathon series games.
Unreal Tournament Interactive Archive
Mods, Umods, Mutators, Skins, Models, Tools!!! Everything thats anything for Unreal Tournament, you will find here.
- [Soon™]
Deus Ex Interactive Archivesite
Incredible new wonders by those using the SDK and other tools. Looking for dedicated individuals who would love to run and design this site.
- [Due Time]
Rainbow-6-series Tactical Archives (R6TA)
Looking for two good maintainers who know the game, the community, and is mature enough to handle the responsibility. Also, think you might have a good design? Send in a mockup of an idea and you could get the priviledge of creating this!
- [Due Time]
Warcraft/Starcraft Series Archive
All sorts of scenarios, maps and additions to these timeless classics of the Warcraft, and Starcraft series.
- [Later]
SiN Interactive Archivesite
Now that SiN has been re-released so to speak, there will be a need for a good archive of maps, add-ons. This will be such an archive.
- [Later]
Quake Series Interactive Archivesite
Unable to find maintainers/designers for this site. This is on hold until resources are made available.
- [On Hold]
And Many Others...
There are many other planned sites, each one taking about a day to implement after the design is created. Theses sites will show up in this list as finish dates become more solid. So if a site you are interested in isn't in this list, check back later!

What is This?
Welcome to the Hub of the Network. This page basically directs you to the various sites of the network. Important news that pertains to the entire network will always be located here.

What is the Network?
Web based depositories of creations and files made by you the world. The sites are open to the public, and the public can freely contribute and consume. Head to a site of interest, and enjoy the fruits.

Revisited: What site do you want to see next?

This poll ends on 4/8/2001
So cast your vote!

Unreal Tournament
Deus Ex
Rainbow 6 Series
War/Star Craft Series
SiN Series
Quake Series
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